Welsh contemporary folk singer songwriter Danielle Lewis has recently released a new EP, Live Forever, her first on her own record label, Red Robin.  Previous releases have been more folk than contemporary but this new music has a distinct synth based, pop sound and feel.  Add in an almost 80’s sounding atmosphere and Danielle’s haunting, ethereal vocals and the result is an intimate, introspective yet bouncy record.

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“Always look fine, the Hollywood Sunshine” is the catchy hook from one of the standout tracks on Live Forever, ‘Hollywood Sunshine‘. Evoking the ‘all on the surface’ Hollywood glamour of the 1950’s, the track quickly exposes the shallow depth of that glamour; continuing the theme with the next track ‘Pin Up Lady’.

Angry Baby previously likened Danielle’s voice to that of Karen Carpenter and the similarity is at its keenest with these two tracks; both voices have the ability to be haunting and delicate in one phrase and hugely powerful, the next.  Rich, raw emotion is conveyed by excellent phrasing and encases you in her rich velvet tones.

Also outstanding, is ‘Ace of Hearts‘, a classic sounding break up song that carries the listener away with emotion – it sounds achingly honest and true.  Danielle’s delicate use of vocals brings the emotions to the forth and envelops the listener in the song.  It is this song that accentuates the versatility of Danielle’s music as there are definite sounds of Judie Tzuke here.

The last two tracks, ‘Only Lust‘ and ‘Wasted‘ show comparisons with New York based Rachael Sage, who is a regular Angry Baby collaborator and not only because Rachael and Danielle both started their own record labels.  With each new release, Danielle’s music shows new maturity and evolves to show the ever changing world we live in.  Lyrics that are both simple yet complex hint at multiple meanings which keep the audience listening over and over again.

Danielle has been producing new material for some time now and her advice for young musicians reflects her desire for longevity in the music business:

“For me coming into music and trying to progress at the beginning felt more like a slow ascending slope, and still does, with no pressure, just passion from listening to my favourite songs and then singing to poems I wrote from the age of 12, before picking up the guitar at 14, which finally felt natural unlike the piano.  I think the important thing before the music is confidence. I started out on stage in school shows, choirs and attended a theatre class doing plays, pantomimes and discovered things I never knew my voice could do and I felt comfortable on stage. The next thing would be to look at your songs/music, assess your natural style/genre, who your inspirations are, get 5 or 6 of your best/favourite songs finished and get gigging as much as possible. From this you will learn what feels right and what doesn’t. Being confident in your sound/style and even image or theme for these gigs are all things that will make the audience look and remember you. You might not be singing the same songs in 5 years time but at least you’ll know what makes you passionate about your sound and continue to develop it further.”

Live Forever was released on July 6th on Red Robin Records. Get your copy here.

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