Indie pop / Americana band Coco and the Butterfields have just released their new EP, Monsters which includes two singles from this summer in addition to three new tracks.  The nucleus of the band, multi-instrumentalist/vocalists Tom Twyman and Dulcima Showan, came together in Canterbury, Kent, where they honed their craft busking on the cathedral city’s streets. They have now expanded to a five-piece, swelling the sound but not losing that core signature of polished acoustic Americana; heartfelt emotion and air-punching crescendos are still evident in abundance.

The lead single and title track of the EP, ‘Monsters’ is a dynamic and anthemic song takes us through devotion, love and the vulnerability at the core of all of us.  The lyrics speak of ‘killing the monsters inside your head’ and the message behind ‘Monsters’ is that of support and reassurance for those battling mental health issues. Tom explains: “It’s about promising someone with anxiety that you will always be there for them, not just physically but mentally; willing to help them in any way you can. It’s their vulnerabilities that make these special people in our lives who they are, and fill us with love for them.”

It’s great to see these issues being addressed in pop music and it’s also a thumping great tune!


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The harmonies and musicianship shown in ‘Monsters’, continues in the second track, ‘Puppets’.  This song is upbeat and breezy, with great danceability combines with an anthemic sound that would sound fabulous at a live gig.

Robots‘ takes us in an entirely different direction; calm, soothing piano accompanying some seriously impressive vocals before jumping into ‘Animals‘ and ‘Giants‘.  It’s in both these last two tracks that the band’s Americana roots show through and have to be sung along to loudly – they both have very catchy hooks and you’ll be singing them for days after.

The band’s advice for aspiring musicians encompasses all their experiences:

“Like anything, the longer you persevere the more you learn and the more experience you gain and there is so much to learn about the music industry, especially if you’re starting out and have absolutely no clue where to begin! I could spend forever giving all sorts of advice but to me, above all else there’s something that always stands out above and beyond: don’t give up!

Being in a creative industry is so fun but what most people don’t realise is that it can be so, so stressful at times! The highs are very high and the lows are unfortunately at times, equally as low. The trick here is just to keep on going. Have a clear set of aims and goals that you would like to achieve and work as hard as you can every single day to try and reach them. Whether they’re big or relatively small goals, if you set out a plan, follow it and don’t give up you’ll be surprised at what you can achieve.”

Monsters was released on November 2nd. Get your copy here.

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