There’s times when the words singer-songwriter are completely limited to the artist that they are describing. Whilst those two little words are something of a catch all for anybody writing their own independent music, possibly leaning toward guys and gals with acoustic guitars and notebooks of lyrical scrawls, but still able to cover most musical bases. These two little words don’t really give anything like the depth required to describe Chloe March however.  Chloe is a singer-composer-pianist-producer, and the daughter of classical/theatre musicians. Since the early 00s, she has been creating sonic textures, that evoke emotion, tell stories, and challenge the listener. Take ‘Wild Cherries’ from 2017’s Blood Red Spark for example. Haunting vocals caress the ears, over a reverb drenched backdrop of synths, beats and guitars. It’s mesmerising, and somewhat hypnotising.

For 2018, Chloe has teamed up with Todd Tobias, an American creator of thematic mood music, and the end result is Amialluma. Regarding the lyrical structure of the album, the lyrics centre around a child’s journey from the safety of its mother’s arms through an ancient, shadowy world. Overcoming fear and meeting with otherworldly guides, the child finds independence and reveals a deep connection with nature.  In its listening, this album will take you to another planet.

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The lyrical notes of this album don’t just evoke an atmosphere, they paint a landscape. Opening track ‘Lillavva’ is both imposing, yet calm. The album cover art features a simple sketch of mountainous peaks in the distance, and the swelling sounds of the album opening give the impression of a scale, of a journey.

Tracks across the album vary wildly in length. Indeed, ‘Ruulu‘ comes in at just 68 seconds, yet manages to evoke a sense of dread, through its simplistic, yet bleak tones.


If ‘Ruulu‘ gives off tension, the following, ‘Lallulow‘ gives off mystery. The lead single from the album, it captures the spirit of what the overall sound is about in just under five minutes. Light, shade, wonder, fear, a little bit enticing, a little bit weird, a little bit challenging but most certainly interesting, its the album’s centrepiece for sure.

Cherra Leilahi’ comes as our protagonist is reaching the end of their journey. All the otherworldly sounds combine to wrap up to a fine conclusion. Certainly the most hopeful track on the album, whilst I would hesitate to call it relaxed, it does have the impression of achievement and perspective.

Ultimately, this is an ambitious project between two ambitious people, creating both musical velvet and musical sandpaper, all soothed by Chloe March’s beautiful peaceful tone. Listen to it in full, back to back, close your eyes, and embrace it. Much like our protagonist, it will take you on a journey.

Chloe March’s advice for those starting out in the music industry:
“Keep going, keep making the music you want and need to make and when in doubt always go back to your music, believe in it and let it guide you. Try to remember that any advice or feedback given to you might have an emotional context and possibly an agenda that is unknown to you, so make sure you develop an excellent bullshit detector and trust your instincts. It’s possible that a career in music could have fantastic highs and soul-shaking lows so take care of yourself, develop resilience and discipline so that your creative work is the touchstone that will carry you through.”

Amalliuma was released on September 4th  on Hidden Shoal. Get your copy here.

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