Describing her music as ‘original indie-folk music to soothe the heart and soul’, Catherine Scholz started out as a singer-songwriter by setting her favourite poems to music, which is intriguing. What’s not to love about poetry? Especially Maya Angelou’s work, but setting it to music is a whole other challenge!

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‘Pearl’ is the sort of song that should be the soundtrack to a movie scene. Close your eyes and picture a character riding a bike down the road in the rain…it has a relaxed, slightly melancholy feel to it. Catherine’s loose, dreamy vocal style is vaguely hypnotic, a gentle, folk version of Maria Muldaur for the 21st Century.

Catherine’s musical credentials are impressive. Starting out age 6, with piano, she moved on via the recorder and handbells, to playing the euphonium. From her home in Wisconsin, she toured seven European countries at age 15 with the Greater Milwaukee Youth Wind Ensemble. Graduating from the University of Minnesota, Catherine studied music therapy and has built an impressive independent music career, including co-producing two albums.

Finally, here is Catherine’s advice for anyone who is just starting out with music:

‘I would say there is no better way to hone your chops than to get out in front of an audience somewhere on a regular basis. Could be your family in the living room, your church or community center, a coffeeshop, or even busking. Could be every day, once a week or once a month. The response of the people who listen will inform you, so listen to them, too. Take their feedback to heart and let it shape you as a musician.’

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