Angry Baby first brought you the soulful pop tones of Cassa Jackson at the beginning of summer 2021 and we’re thrilled to now be talking about her new EP, I Don’t Like It When You Talk About Her. At the same time, Cassa is touring the UK in support of JLS on their multi date arena tour.

Detailing her tumultuous love life, the EP dives straight into stormy waters with the title track, a boppy pop anthem about jealousy and possessiveness, with painful, soul baring lyrics that juxtapose neatly with the warmth of Cassa’s soulful voice. Moving on into ‘Crossroad’ is a wrenching tale of decision making during big life moments, driven by a piano led accompaniment that morphs into a power ballad to rival the best.  Heartbreak is an emotion waiting to be faced head on and the anguish is heard in the the vocals as well as the lyrics.  

The fourth track, ‘Love’s A Losing Battle‘ is an up tempo song with immense danceability that skips along to a satisfying end and shows the versatility of Cassa’s perfect for pop voice.  This versatility is further shown on the final track, ‘Knives’, which ventures into a  darker pop that is relatable, authentic, poetic, and catchy as hell.

I Don’t Like It When You Talk About Her proves that, for poetic lyricism, and honest songs about messy, imperfect relationships, Cassa Jackson is one to be watched.

Having just finished her degree, Cassa is no stranger to hard work and part of her advice to aspiring performers is about that:

“Take EVERY opportunity you get, no matter how small. Everything I have ever done music wise has stemmed from something else that I thought that the time was kind of insignificant. Everything is what you make it and you never know who you could meet or what you could get out of things so go to absolutely everything.
Also self-belief is crucial. If you don’t believe you can do something and push yourself to do it, nobody else will. If you doubt yourself you’ve already failed.
Another thing I’d say is when writing songs, write from the heart because people can tell and if you really feel something deeply, most likely other people will connect to it more.”

I Don’t Like It When You Talk About Her was released on October 7. Get your copy here.

Catch Cassa ON TOUR with JLS through to November 27. Or if you can’t make it, follow her at:

Website | Facebook | Instagram



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