French outfit Camel Power Club last month released an album full of the sounds of summer.  Narukanaga is a sixteen track album that feels like a dream world filled with catchy, dreamy pop tunes that are redolent of summer nights and the world of clubbing.

You might well be asking what Narukanaga means – according to frontman Leonard, the word derives from an antique spell book, something that suits the elusive nature of the album.  Essentially dream pop, a myriad of influences mean that this description can only be used in the loosest of terms.

The best track for me is ‘Eigisyg‘, in which the sounds of summer come together in a wave of joyful guitars and drums – a song made for summer clubs.  The video is great too!

Album opener ‘Blunt’ shows us what to expect, from summery harmonies and beats, whilst the exotic percussion of ‘Bamtak’, conjures tropical beaches.  The album works best as a whole, with each song flowing seamlessly into another, evoking summer dreams and thrills.  as a summer playlist, you couldn’t do better.

Leonard’s advice for aspiring musicians talks about the possibilities of music in the here and now:

“It’s the best time to be a musician; the streaming services brought the music back on track and there are many paths possible to make a living in the music industry.  If you are good at your instrument you could be a studio / live musicians.  If you are a good writer / composer you can compose for yourself and other artists.  If you are an engineer / producer…or you can be an indie artist like me and do your own stuff.  But you’ll need to be patient, be careful about the sirens and do not expect big money.  Good luck with your projects.”

Narukanaga was released on 20 May.

Catch Camel Power Club LIVE. Or if you can’t make it, follow him at:

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