Get ready to be hit with Blast Bomb’s latest EP, Burn History and Live Today – an explosive fusion of swinging beats and emotional lyrics. The Crossover-Punk band from Hamburg released their second EP in October 2018 after making their presence known in the live scene around Germany and Belgium.  Blast Bomb started in early 2017 with guitarists Torben and Klaus, bassist Kai and drummer Tobi, with vocalist and now frontman Johnny soon joining to complete the band. Together, they have become a popular local opening act, sharing stages with more established bands such as Honeymoon Disease, Powder for Pigeons, El Colosso and many more.

Whilst still establishing their style, Blast Bomb are successfully creating a sound which is quickly becoming recognised as their own. In an interview, when asked to introduce the band to people who are new to their music, frontman Johnny found it tough and could only describe their sound as Blast Bomb, which is very fitting. They demand attention. Swinging beats, a growling bass and snarling riffs all erupt from the detonation of each track. That in itself is a good enough introduction – have a listen!

Burn History and Live Today was recorded by Franz Schedlbauer at No Moss Studio.

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Burn History‘, probably the most erratic song within the EP, immediately hits you with a powerful message as the title suggests – the hooks and riffs building the persuasive yet confrontational tone. Are you introduced?

Standing out from the others, deceptively “quiet” at the beginning of the track, ‘Live Today’ guides the listeners minds before building into a fuller sound. This creates a sense of anticipation as we wait for the sound to blast out of the speakers. The track leaves you feeling satisfied yet still wanting more. The only option is to listen again and await more music.

The difference between some of the tracks can be explained as a showcase of the bands diversity; showing examples of the styles that they can execute. However, there is a running lyrical concept that joins each track. Although not planned, vocalist Johnny stated in an interview that the songs follow his story of the reasons why he is now in Germany. Moving forward, Blast Bomb hope to reach the right people who will understand what they are trying to create and will continue to write more music.

For aspiring musicians their advice is pretty unanimous: Practice!
Johnny – Don’t conform to the norm and create only what you want. Have confidence in your ability and the art you make.
Torben – Practice, practice, practice and if you think you’re good enough, practice, practice to get better. Don’t stop believing in your dreams; to have a band is like a family, good times and bad.
Kai – Practice, practice, practice all the time. When you’re good enough you can relax and party.
Klaus – Practice and play live early.
Tobi – Practice even when you think you’re good enough. You can never practice enough.

Burn History and Live Today was released in October 2018 on Undead Artists Records. Get your copy here.

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