Angry Baby Music is all about sharing new music from (mostly) independent musicians; we also like to feature a range of musical styles.  This week we have country music, which we have featured before, but the difference is that we are concentrating on the songwriter, and not the artist.  Bill Law originally comes from West Virginia, USA and worked for many years behind the scenes in the music industry, before deciding to follow his passion and start writings songs.  Fast forward a few years and he released his debut album of his own songs, sung by country singers Wanette Turner and James LaSaleFamily Ties, looking at the bonds that hold families together, is the result.  

Those of us who love music know that it can transcend barriers like nothing else, a phrase, a lyric, a tune that transports us back to a place of shared memories and, very often, the love we shared with others.  In Family Ties, Bill explores the ties that binds families and loved ones together, none more so that ‘You Will Always Be My Baby‘.  A love song to a child, this song is similar in structure and theme to Martina McBride’s ‘In My Daughter’s Eyes’ and will resonate with anyone who is a parent or occupies that role – however old, your child will always be your baby.

The album opens with a track infused with 80’s pop sounds, ‘Somebody Tell Him‘, encompassing the universal theme of love before moving onto a more traditional country sound in ‘Please Dream‘. Easy on the ear, both songs will have you singing along very rapidly.  The heartfelt lyrics and story telling associated with country music is evident and suits the vocals of both Wanette and James.  The heartbreak heard in ‘Please Dream’ is carried on in the final track, ‘Convince My Heart‘, albeit with an acoustic guitar accompaniment.  As with all good break up songs, the message is that the heart still wants what the head knows isn’t good.  

Although the majority of tracks on Family Ties are ballads, ‘You’re the Only One For Me‘ and ‘Home on a Saturday Night’ are more upbeat, the latter bringing a touch of honky tonk to play.  ‘Home on a Saturday Night’ celebrates the joy of staying home on Saturday with loved ones instead of painting the town red – these small joys are the details that strengthen the ties of family and create memories to last a lifetime.  

Bill’s advice to aspiring musicians and songwriters could be used for life in general, not just music:

“Appreciate and cherish your gift; strive to do your best with no short cuts. Set your own criteria of how success is defined. Be persistent and work smart.  Don’t forget to stay humble and be kind.”

Family Ties was released in 2017. Get your copy here.

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