Conceived to the sounds of early 80’s new wave and nurtured by brit pop and rock, Backspace brings you their EP Boys. Although labelled as indie Alt-pop there is a definite rock vibe from their tracks, signalling their influence from bands such as The Libertines and Artic Monkeys. However, the pop vocals from Rosie are a vibrant reassurance through the complex beats.

Still in their teens, school friends Harry, Alex, Rosie, and Miles formed the band in 2016 and have since been conquering their local live scene. Although not imperative, it is impossible not to acknowledge their age. The saying “age is just a number” really comes to light here, especially as band members range from 13-15 years old. The music they create is by no means hindered by their youth. The three tracks have a strong presence that quite easily hold their own.

The opening track ‘boys’ expresses an empowering disinterest towards the male gender. It is quite clear that vocalist Rosie has “had enough of you boys”. This track has quite a relaxed feel, its quite easy to imagine the recording of this track as a fun jam session. Nevertheless there is definitely sophistication to the track.

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Moving on, ‘Sick and Tired‘ opens with classic 80’s synth keys, taking the EP on a different journey. The track builds with horns that surprisingly fit comfortably against the keys and rhythmic guitar. The vocals tie everything together … it just works. The catchy feel is carried into this song, egged on by the backing vocals that I can guarantee you’ll find yourself singing along to by the second chorus.
Drowning out your mum’s Dyson seems to be their motto, however, Backspace are definitely not a background band. The guitar solo in ‘Winging It‘ definitely highlights this.

It is clear that the band have something important to say through their three tracks. Each song deals with a slightly different topic but still carries a strong message that can be easily interpreted. Their final track in particular is calling out someone who clearly has their head in the clouds and is making things up as they go along in life.

Their advice to aspiring artists and musicians is very simple and humble: Work hard, believe in yourselves, take every opportunity, enjoy.

Boys was released in November 2018. Get your copy here.

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