The voice belonging to this week’s featured artist is the sort of voice that knocks you off your feet at first listen.  Canadian singer and pianist Alli Bean is the owner of that voice and this week released her debut album, Outside Voice.  With a few songs already written, the absence of her normal live performance opportunities in during the pandemic led Alli to collaborate and record with Dave Friend (guitars, co-producer) and Stewart McLellan (drums) and the subsequent release of these seven tracks.

Jazz, blues and pop are the compositional bases for Alli’s music, with a good dollop of sass, relatable lyrics and heaps of danceability. The opening track, ‘Twenty Questions‘ does indeed ask twenty questions along the way and signposts the way to the rest of the album.  Alli’s tremendous voice, full of soul and blues is accompanied by a great melody and will have you bopping away in no time.

My favourite track is the third, ‘Two Birds‘, in which two people in a relationship are imagined as two birds flying independently but roosting together. The desire to be together yet have independence is one that most people will have related to at some point.  The beat and melody are upbeat, matched by Alli’s soaring vocals over some cute lyrics:

“I want to perch on my own throne, two birds flying are worth more than one stone”

Alli’s talent for lyrics is also shown on ‘Another Way‘, where the subject is about the seemingly relentlessness of repeating patterns and how it is possible and choose another way:

“stay on the platform, don’t get on the train”

Outside Voice is a fabulous showcase for an absolutely beautiful voice.

Alli’s advice for aspiring artists is to “never ever quit. If you keep moving with intention, you will get what you need out of your art. Take good care of your minds and bodies while you do your work. It’s the best way to keep moving forward without burning out. Take everything one step at a time, be thankful for your learning experiences, love yourself every step of the way & keep climbing.”

Outside Voice was released on 1 June. Get your copy here.

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