London based singer and guitarist Alice SK recently released her debut EP, Electric, a seven track showcase for her hauntingly soulful voice.  Infused with breathy, bluesy earthy sounds, Alice’s vocals bring a distinctly vintage, noir style to her music.

Kicking off with ‘Another Girl’s Man’, the vocals instantly make you sit up and listen – this is a voice.  From there we go back in time with ‘Hidden Paradise‘ before meeting the gentler, more melodic toe tapper that is the title song, ‘Electric‘.

The stand out track for me is ‘Sweet Like Honey‘, a jaunty guitar based pop song about all-consuming affection. Bathed in danceability, the track accelerates in its chorus with a Strokes-esque fuzzy lead guitar and an art pop style infused with a yearning charm.  Alice says that ‘”Sweet Like Honey is about longing for the whole of someone and wanting another person to take away your troubles. It’s about being able to lean on them completely and be vulnerable around them.” 

The album finishes up with ‘Until We Meet Again, a 2021 song from Alice and Muca.  A throwback to an older musical style that’s made a comeback in recent years, the track is full of sassy, lyrical Bossa Nova rhythms that feels smooth as silk whilst also sounding just a bit edgy.  I nearly chose this as my favourite track but ‘Sweet Like Honey’ won out.

Alice’s advice for aspiring musicians is all about the practical:

“Write for yourself and not for others and the rest will follow. I try to set goals for the week to have some structure while also keeping the creativity going.”

Electric was released on 25 March. Get your copy here.

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