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Optivion – ‘Free Unicorn’

Optivion is a duo consisting of Alex (lead vocalist, percussion, harmonica, guitar) and Rie (backing vocalist). Alex is from Atlanta, Georgia and Rie is from Japan. They met in Tokyo and released an album called Free Unicorn in February 2015. The band is now getting...
Melanie Crew

Melanie Crew – Midnight Sounds

As the tinsel and trees start to emerge ahead of the holiday season, it's refreshing to find something simple and authentic. Meet Melanie Crew. Pure voice, simple acoustic accompaniment and slice-of-life lyrics. Recorded and produced at her home in London, her music...

The Black Leaders – ‘Take It Easy’

Rock and Roll may be a universal language, but there is a distinctly French flavour to The Black Leaders. Formed in Rennes in 2014, the band released their first album My Best Friend in 2015. Their follow-up, Take It Easy, reflects a journey between France and the UK...

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