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Kelly Oliver: Botany Bay

Kelly Oliver is a Hertfordshire based singer songwriter who has just released her third album, Botany Bay.  A full folk album, Botany Bay concentrates on traditional folk songs from Kelly's home county.  And if you thought there weren't that many traditional folk...

Rachael Sage: Myopia

In the early summer of this year, Angry Baby brought you Rachael Sage’s new single, Spark, ahead of the UK release of her thirteenth album, Myopia. Happily, that album is now being released and here is our review. Rachael is one of our favourite artists to review as...

Days Indoors: Two Feet Under

Days Indoors is a British Rock band formed in 2015 and made up of long-time collaborators Joe Killington on vocals and Jean-Marc Valat on drums, as well as Gonçalo Charneca (aka Gonzo) on guitars and Mathew D. Seal on bass. The band is influenced by Athlete,...

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