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Giulia Millanta – Conversation With A Ghost

Twenty seconds. That's how long it takes for John Mills' saxophone to wrap its tentacles around album opener "Blinded By The Sun". This is a common theme throughout the record. Giulia Millanta's sixth solo recording Conversation With a Ghost is peppered with little...

Mayday Parade – “Stay The Same”

You've got to hand it to Mayday Parade, they are nothing if not resilient. With a core sound and lyrical themes that come straight from emo's mid 00s zenith, Mayday Parade have consistently risen above the usual One Tree Hill also rans, by consistently maintaining a...

Optivion – Light Spindle

Fusing east and west in alternative electro quirkiness, Optivion first came to our ears' attention back in 2015 with Free Unicorn. Drawing influences from, well, all over the place, Alex (lead vocalist, percussion, harmonica, guitar) and Rie (backing vocalist) have...

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