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Pretty Gritty: Seven Year Itch

In a world where the music charts are dominated by manufactured acts, TV talent shows and over-produced songs, US band Pretty Gritty are out to show success can still be achieved through hard work, disappointments, perseverance and their timeless, classic...

L Space

L-space are an electronic dream pop band from Scotland who frequently indulge their noisier tendencies. They write music about the future using ethereal vocals and synths, fuzzy bass and dreamy guitar. They formed in January 2017 and have been releasing music and...

Chiedu Oraka

Chiedu Oraka is a rapper, producer and artist from Hull. The past few years have seen Chiedu develop a unique sound and style. He has taken Grime, often portrayed as a primarily Londoncentric scene, and BritHop and infused both with a sound that is unmistakably...

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