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The Best of Johnno Casson

Angry Baby previously described indie artist Johnno Casson as a national treasure when we wrote about his two 2017 albums, Future Melancholy Pop Music and Human Good and as befits such a label, here we are writing about his new album, The Best of Johnno Casson....

Crystalline: Of Unsound Mind

Cardiff based Crystalline Band formed in 2017 and immediately set about making rock music that is hard to classify as pure rock. Led by singer Eva Mullen, Crystalline comprise Elliott Packham on drums, Elouann Chilou on lead guitar, Matt Lines on rhythm guitar and Ed...

Magnetic Skies: Dreams and Memories

Electro Pop duo Magnetic Skies, comprising singer songwriter Simon Kent and vocalist / programmer Jo Womar formed in 2018 and have just released their debut EP, Dreams and Memories.  Meeting when both were commissioned to collaborate on a one-off arts/charity live...

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