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President Street: Involuntary Actions

Australian musician Pete Moses' pop collective, President Street, has been making waves since their first music releases and this has continued with first EP, Involuntary Actions.  The title derives from Pete's instinctive and 'involuntary' actions of making music;...

Nick Ellis: Speakers Corner

Liverpool based singer-songwriter and guitarist Nick Ellis is nothing if not prolific, having released his third album in three years in October. Nick's sound is distinctive, being described as a conversation between Elvis Costello and John Martyn, along with other...

Errant Boy: Memory Fractures

Errant Boy, comprising Chris Harvie (guitars/songs), Sarrah McLaren (drums) and Sean Ormsby (voice/bass/songs) are an indie guitar led group formed in Edinburgh, in 2015.  Their first musical offering, A Wayward Mirror was released a year later and the end of 2018...

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