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New Desert Blues

New Desert Blues – ‘To Be My Own’

There is a certain excitement in discovering a new band just as they hit their stride. With the release of the profoundly-titled To Be My Own, New Desert Blues presents an assured and consistent debut album. This is a band that knows their style and inhabits it...

Jack In The Box feat. Lorna Dea – “Got To Have You”

Having spotted Lorna Dea some time ago and enjoyed her debut EP, Little Spark, back in 2016, we've been wondering when she would pop up on our radar again with more of her deliciously addictive pop sounds. Lorna has been working hard on her new EP Comfort Zone, which...

Steve Benjamins – Manhood

Music can be about much more than pleasing tunes and engaging lyrics. Canadian singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Steve Benjamins brings a touch of introspection to his single "Manhood", exploring what it takes to be masculine at a time when male behaviour is...

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