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Seth Anderson: We Could Be

Canadian artist Seth Anderson is a hard artist to categorise; depending on which song you listen to first, you hear indie, rock, folk, country, the list goes on.  However, when you find out that travelling and moving around a lot seems a part of Seth's DNA, then...

Oliver Spalding: Novemberism

If the dawn of February and Stom Ciara (raging as I write) makes you think that staying indoors until Spring might be the best thing to do, Novemberism, the debut album from Oliver Spalding, might just be what you need. As with Oliver's previous EP, Novemberism was...

Where Did Nora Go – Womb of Life

Danish artist Astrid Nora, began recording as Where Did Nora Go in 2012, releasing several albums and EPs, before taking a break to become a mother.  This proved to be a powerful experience, not least because Astrid's twin girls were born prematurely and it was by...

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