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Little Red – Draw Blood

I really do love it when an album closer ties everything up into a neat bow, with a summation of the positives that have come before it. "Woebegone", the closing track on Draw Blood, the most recent offering from Oxford's Little Red, does a wonderful job of doing just...

Minnie Birch – Emeralds / John Barleycorn

It's totally natural to feel totally lost. These are sensations that seep into view upon the first listen of "Emeralds", part of a double A side release from Hertfordshire folk artist Minnie Birch, that has been lifted off of her acclaimed second album Tethered,...

Rachael Sage: Spark

One of my favourite musicians to write about and listen to in the last couple of years has been the New York based singer, songwriter and visual artist Rachael Sage. I love songs that tell a story as well as being beautiful to listen to and Rachael’s songs deliver...

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