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Rachael Sage Leads Female Musicians into 2020

As music lovers, you might have noticed that there are more and more female artists around and the independent music scene is the same; more and more female artists are releasing their own music.  However, the rise of female musicians and singers is not always...

Lili Añel: Better Days

Philadelphia based singer Lili Añel has a myriad of albums and song writing awards behind her and her ninth and latest album, Better Days, demonstrates why her career has such longevity. A mix of Lili's trademark jazz / soul / pop / folk sounds takes us on a tour of...

Todd Warner Moore: Starry Sounds

Kansas born and raised, Hong Kong's folk singer songwriter Todd Warner Moore is nothing if not prolific; he has released a number of albums in just the last year alone and Starry Sounds is the latest. A lively Americana sound draws influences from gypsy music, 60's...

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