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Anna Pancaldi

Anna Pancaldi – Sweet Charity

When indie music's national treasure Johnno Casson describes an artist as "very nice and very talented too" there's every chance they're worth a listen. It's not the first time Anna Pancaldi has received acclaim from those in the know. BBC Radio 2's Dermot O'Leary...
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Thessa Giska – Cemburu

Finding music from across the world is one of the joys of the internet, which is how Angry Baby found Thessa Giska, all the way from Indonesia, and her song "Cemburu". Although the song is in Indonesian, the catchy rhythm and tune could well have you singing along...

Staying In – “Staying In”

Here comes Generation Z. All smartphones and self-obsession, exercising their social consciences from the safety of their bedrooms. Or so the media would have us believe. We're only a step or two away from welcoming this new cohort into the music industry. What will...

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