L-space are an electronic dream pop band from Scotland who frequently indulge their noisier tendencies. They write music about the future using ethereal vocals and synths, fuzzy bass and dreamy guitar. They formed in January 2017 and have been releasing music and playing shows as much as possible since. Formed of Lily Higham – vocals, Gordon Johnstone – guitar, Dickson Telfer – bass and Maura Keane – synth, they released their debut single, ‘Suneaters,’ on Last Night from Glasgow records in March this year.  Appropriately enough, the scorching summer totally fits with this single.   The sun is dipping below the horizon as the long dreamy synth blends alongside the dripping rhythm, and it all blends perfectly. Tim Brooks, reviews for Angry Baby.

The track manages that wonderful thing of being able to have both a sparseness, but also build to having several elements play off against one another. Rather than stick to one singular idea (indeed, it is only really the vocal and the electronic beat that remains the same , and even the latter takes on a whole new form midway through), the dreamy pop shapeshifts around wistful lyrics about “emerging from darkness” and holding the sun’s rays in one’s hand. By the time 2/3 of the song has risen, the track takes on an almost indie rock vibe, with a piercing lead guitar burning through the mix. The whole track feels like a musical sunrise.

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The other recent single, ‘Backup Baby‘ hits home in a much more potent way. The light and shade contrast of the breathy vocals against the razor raw beat/synth punch is almost reminiscent of My Bloody Valentine on a pop day, the crunchy beat this time taking charge, carrying the song down the river.

These first two singles have been chosen from ‘Kipple Arcadia’, an upcoming debut album, distributed through Last Night From Glasgow records. Having released an EP in 2017, as well as a host of singles, L Space are starting to piece together a range of shows across Scotland (and hopefully London at some point!!).

A peek at the band’s Soundcloud will reveal a third and final single, ‘Old Machines‘. L-Space state in their biography that they take a wide eyed look into the future through their music, and that comes about prominently here. An almost extra-terrestrial synth hovers ominously over the track, with the vocals staying dreamy and oblivious throughout.

Ultimately, there are exciting things to come for this band, with ‘Kipple Arcadia’ set to drop on (pink!) vinyl towards the end of September.  With a host of festival appearances lined up, you’ll need to stay tuned to discover what world/planet/galaxy L-Space will take us to in the future!

L-Space’s Lily and Gordon’s advice to anyone starting out in their music career:

Lily: “First and foremost, always support and collaborate with other musicians and artists. If you spot an opportunity you want always go for it, even if the answer will probably be no, because you don’t get what you don’t ask for. Finally, always look after your mental health!
Gordon: “It’s worth taking your time over a song to make it interesting. Every song should have a bit that makes people want to go back and listen to it again. Write as much music as possible and always push yourself to do and learn new techniques and styles. Also, listen to as diverse a range of music as possible. “

For fans of;
My Bloody Valentine, Beach House

‘Kipple Arcadia’ will be released on 28 September on Last Night From Glasgow Records. Pre-order your copy here.

Catch L Space ON TOUR in Scotland in September. Or if you can’t make it, follow them at:

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