Hello – today we’re looking at how you’re engaging with your fans.






  1. Frederick Temple

    At the moment, I am giving feedback – to other aspiring artists – about their work. I am also talking to any and all fans that message me regarding my music

  2. Christopher Duers

    These days the main push has been to give people who can’t attend live events some new music to ponder. So we have written and recorded new tracks by sending mixes back and forth via email and file sharing services and doing overdubs in our respective mini studios. We have written about 8 new tunes, 3 of which we have completed and shared with fans, to good effect. We have also remixes some existing tracks that were unfinished. All of these tracks have gone into a “quarantine playlist” and we have been sharing that as well

  3. Ian Mitchell

    Hi Jane, thanks for this.

    Regarding your question – My music (Little Red and Master of None) is very much made because I love doing it. I make between 200 to 500 a year from this which is fine – it pays for recording and merch and is nice to see people parting with cash for my hobby.

    Maybe one day I’ll make a living from this, but I doubt it as I’d need to be on about 35k!


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