Angry Baby has something new and exciting to share with you very soon – check out the videos below where I tell you a little bit about it.

It’s my first one – so be kind!

Jane xx



  1. Andrew Blake

    The different types of music that are labelled as “indie”. There is always something different, some sort of suprise. It’s discovering these surprises that I like Angry Baby for.

  2. Andrew Blake

    As Jane says, for me it’s all about the fact that with Indie music you never know what you’re going to get. That’s what makes it so fascinating. Subscribing to Indie music channels has meant that I have discovered some of my favourite acts, in genres I wouldn’t have considerd and that I certainly wouldn’t have heard of otherwise.

  3. Hans-Peter de Zeeuw a.k.a. d'Z

    I love independent artists because they often think outside the box creatively. Also, they’re not bound by record labels who tell them what to do in order to earn money.

  4. Maaike Siegerist

    What I love most about independent music, is that the songs are carefully crafted works of art first, revealing a lot about their makers. They are the artists’ visions brought to life. “Will it sell?” is less of a consideration.

  5. Gordon Elcock

    What do I like about independent music? Well, it’s the very independence, it’s free for the artist to pursue their own artistic vision without image makers, trend setters, corporate decision makers.
    Now, that doesn’t always mean it’s any good, independence alone doesn’t give you that, you still need talent. It does give you time to develop, it does give you the scope to try things. And, this I truly believe, if what you are doing is good it will find it’s audience. May take a while though 😉

    • Mike Williamson

      I like independent music because its such a broad church coverng punk, folk, rock, jazz and all sorts of unlikely fusions. Its where I’m most likely to be suprised. Theres plenty of major label stuff,especially older, that I love but independent music keeps things moving forward.

  6. Ed Keable

    I like to listen to and support independant music as I see it as the nursery bed of music where new music can be nurtured and allowed to blossom.
    It is where new ideas and trends come from.All music started as being in the minority.It makes listening interesting.

  7. Shirley

    Love Independent music ….some is good some not so good but there are always little gems popping up that may have passed me by if Angry Baby didn’t tell me about it so thanks and keep it going !

  8. Hitesh Gohil

    Hi just like to hear new exciting music instead of the run of the mill stuff

  9. bill record

    well where do i start firstly the independent artist does not have a huge marketing budget #2 the artist pics the music not some guy sitting in a office that knows jack sh*t about good music that is why i love music i can listen to all or just what i like i get to decide thanks

  10. jacob freshour

    The joy of finding the unexpected….

  11. Hugh

    Art without independence is really hard. Independence is a defining characteristic of great art. It’s just got to be free, at least in its own head. The music business is littered with the ephemeral corpses of lost marketing campaigns, and because of aspirational profit driven caged ‘art’ that aimed to please but basically couldn’t. So much beauty out there, never too much. By the way, in the end though, it isn’t all about the independence of labels . A big label can still bring us all some great artists. It’s about the independence of creativity and ideas, and a kind of mental freedom, and a love for it all, you know, an audience that loves and embraces all genres and has a limitless fascination for beautiful sound and word combinations. Independence all round, in other words. Thanks for the opportunity to blether. Cos I care 😊 x


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