For the artists we really click with, we can take things a step further

Through Angry Baby, we’ll help you get your music directly to music lovers.

Each of our artists give away at least one track for free, so listeners can get a taste of your style. Then we put together collections of special edition or rare releases. If fans love your music as much as we do, are curious to find out more about the artist behind the music, and want to add your work to their collection, they buy and download there and then.

That way, music lovers get to know the artists behind the music and directly support your work, knowing that you are fairly rewarded for your creativity.

For the artists, it’s a no-risk option – no artists are harmed in the process!

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Angry Baby is built on a solid foundation of music appreciation, decades of business experience, and passion to see talented artists fairly rewarded for their creativity.

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Five Things to Include on a Press Release

If you're an independent artist trying to get your music out to a wider audience, then Angry Baby Music is here to help.

From social media to press releases, we can help you to get your music heard and connected to your ideal fan base.