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Who is Angry Baby?

Angry Baby Ltd is Jane Ireland and Deb Bannigan.

Jane is the creative force behind Angry Baby. An influential music blogger and fan-engagement specialist who has worked with some ‘big names’ in the music industry.

The Angry Baby blog was launched in 2012, writing about independent artists whose work the team admired. Our reviews have appeared regularly in The Revue, The Hype Machine and Fresh On The Net. Jane also created and developed Thoughtsofjustafan, the official Alfie Boe fan blog, and wrote the best-selling guide ‘How To Create A Successful Fan Blog’

Deb brings decades of business experience and her passion to see independent musicians fairly rewarded for their creativity. A seasoned contributor to conferences and the media, Deb has appeared on national and regional TV, radio and press including Channel 4 and Sky News and BBC Radio 4’s Any Questions. Deb knows her stuff. She is a qualified accountant, has contributed to several business publications and holds a doctorate in business so she is, actually, Dr Deb.

Together, Jane and Deb have established a brand new online space where music fans connect with artists who make the music they love. They get to know each other and keep the music coming. Built on a solid foundation of music appreciation and honest commercial acumen, music lovers get the tracks they’ve always craved and artists earn a fair return for their music.

We connect music lovers with great artists, busy people with new music and talented musicians with money

Our audience

  • Educated, professional men and women
  • Aged 30 – 50 years old
  • Own a smart device
  • International music fans
  • Like arts and entertainment
  • Home owners ambitious for their kids

Collaboration opportunities

  • MEDIA: Access influential spokespeople for hard news commentary and/or lifestyle features
  • LIFESTYLE BLOGGERS: Receive regular content to enhance your offering
  • CONFERENCE ORGANISERS: Engage an experienced female speaker who can talk about sales and marketing practices in the music business e.g. how to promote and sell your music without a label; how to release music for chart success; how to be featured in influential music blogs
  • SPONSORS: Get your brand directly into the hands of Angry Baby’s specific demographic
  • LIFESTYLE BRANDS: Associate your product with musicians, artists and bands

Press, publications & featured on

FM Blogs

BBC “Scrubbing Up”
Huffington Post
The Revue
Hype Machine
Fresh On The Net


BBC Any Questions
BBC Radio 5 Live
BBC Regional Radio
Rugby FM
and many more


Channel 4 News
BBC News
BBC Midlands Today
Sky News


A Question Of Cost
Managing Cash
Making The Right Choices:
Project Appraisal
…and more

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