Beth Ford – From Symphony Hall to Internet Sensation and Beyond!

Ask people what terrifies them most in the world and the chances are that public speaking will be right up there, along with spiders and heights (or plummeting from them). Turn public speaking into public singing and the fear factor ramps up a notch. Make that public singing in front of 2000 people and fear goes off the scale. Now imagine doing that at just eleven years of age…

That’s what Beth Ford did. Cool as a cucumber, she was up there on stage in Birmingham’s Symphony Hall, singing ‘The Impossible Dream’ with Britain’s Favourite Tenor, Alfie Boe.

OK, so she had sung a bit before, in her school choir and in front of the telly, but it’s a massive leap from there to entertaining a sell-out audience in one of the Midland’s most prestigious venues.

Of course, it helps that Beth can sing. Boy, can she sing! And it wasn’t long before her hauntingly mesmerising vocals were travelling across the globe. Just a few months later, Beth was in an almost-empty chapel with her mom. Mom asked her to sing something so, without any warm-up, preparation or accompaniment, Beth sang ‘Pie Jesu’ just for her.

The acoustics were magnificent. Luckily it was captured on video – nothing fancy, just a phone. Then it was shared on social media…again and again and again. Beth went viral! From singing to her mom in an empty chapel to internet sensation, Beth took it all in her stride.

Since then, she has appeared with internationally-acclaimed artists and topped the charts with her own material. It’s been quite a journey for Beth, from Symphony Hall to Internet Sensation and beyond.

Fancy a quick look at that simple video that went around the world? Here it is:

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Following in the legacy of Stevie Nicks, Eva Cassidy and Sarah McLachlan, Beth Ford’s echoey quality and pure natural sound will draw you in and leave you wondering where her future will lead, while yearning to go there with her.

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by Beth Ford

Once in a while, we are entranced by a singer so intimate yet powerful in tone,

we are mesmerised, moved and hungry for more.