From business to music and back again

Deb’s Story


Deb, the manging partner of Angry Baby, having taken over from founder Flo, is the business brains behind the blog – here is her story.

Deb comes from a business background – getting her doctorate a few years ago – and has the reputation behind the scenes of Angry Baby as the person who can fix things.

Deb originally comes from a background in retail (greengrocery to be precise) and as a result, has an inbuilt sense of how to sell successfully.  Coming into the music industry relatively recently, Deb says that she has met “some hugely creative and talented people who love what they’re doing but don’t know how to sell.  And they need to sell their music. I love helping people and I love selling so I just put the two things together and I’ve since helped some lovely people to sell lots of music.  It’s all about reach more fans in order to create more appreciation for the music.”

Although not a musician herself, Deb represents a big part of Angry Baby’s readership – a highly appreciative audience.  Not only that, but each day brings a new theme tune into Deb’s head encouraging her to believe that everyone has their own theme tune inside.  Singing out loud just shares it with the world.

Deb likes songs that tell a story, even if it’s not the story originally intended by the writer.  This is what Deb says about her music taste:

“I fell in love with The Long Winters’ ‘The Commander Thinks Aloud’ from this podcast. Especially the bit about the drummer:

Over the years since Angry Baby was born, there are a handful of songs that have stuck with me, that I go back to from time to time, e.g. Lanre’s ‘Human’, and The Black Leaders ‘Victoria Line’, especially when I’m travelling on the Victoria Line.

And this is fun….

“Going back in time, a song that changed my life – Pink Floyd ‘Time’. I enrolled for a doctorate because of that song. It took ten years to complete, but at least I found out what more I’d got to say. Even if it came out as a thesis rather than a song.

My favourite song of all time – Dean Freidman Lucky Stars (pure cheese, but we’re not as smart as we’d like to think we are).

Song from childhood, lost in time ‘Cool and Cosy’ by The Avons. I played it on the family’s Dansette record player, probably before I could talk or walk. It’s stuck in my head – I could sing it through – but I haven’t heard it for more years than I can count. It’s not online anywhere, as far as I can tell.”

Thanks Deb for sharing your story – we at Angry Baby would love to hear your musical stories too!