The Story of Angry Baby

I think I’d better explain this whole Angry Baby thing to you. You’re probably wondering where the name came from, maybe thinking it’s just some gimmick made up on the spot. Let me tell you her story:

I was on the train with my little sister, and she drew this outrageous middle-aged woman, with bleached hair and lips twice the size of her face. I loved it to bits so I decided to draw a glamorous family with a mother much the same. I called them the Green family.

There was a dad, Rob, and a mum, Sophia. Then there were the children: Benny, Daisy, Mikey, Mary, Cameron, and Sophia Jr, aka Angry Baby. She was this tiny little thing, with a simple face (just a couple of dots and a line) but she was ALWAYS ANGRY.

Since then, there have been 3 new additions to the Green family: Cadia, Ryan and Louisa. But no matter how much the family changes, Angry Baby remains angry.

I love Angry Baby so much that I use her picture as my logo, along with a scribble of the words ‘Angry Baby’ that I drew for a Year 6 homework about graffiti art. See – school work can come in handy! I’ve even made her my registered trademark, so if ever you see Angry Baby anywhere, like on her Facebook page, you’ll know she is there with me.

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Talk soon

Flo xx

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