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Francesca Romana Fabris ‘Fly Again’

Blending Irish, Balkan and other folk traditions. Francesca Romana Fabris describes her songs as 'folk-pop, influenced by latin rhythms, with a large use of improv and some jazz arrangements'. She writes in both English and Italian. Her European heritage, where...

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APHRA – Sadness Is A Gesture

Any brand-new label would be excited by their first release. Newbies Inherent Sounds have every right to be proud to kick off their roster with Sadness Is A Gesture from APHRA, the electropop alter-ego of Philadelphia’s Rebecca Waychunas. With unexpected depth to her...

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Music Makers Festival, London – 5 & 6 August

With all the hype and mystery that surrounds the music industry, sometimes it's good to get back to basics. At its heart, music is a creative expression that's best when shared between friends. When a group of friends who make music come together to share their work...

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Roxanne De Bastion – The Painter/Heart of Stone

Occasionally an artist shows up who is absolutely, definitely, poised for something special. Roxanne De Bastion fills that category perfectly. Oozing potential through the sweeping soundscapes of her music and the totally relatability of her lyrics, Roxanne is already...

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The Bud Collins Trio – Quasarmoto

Sometimes music arrives on the scene that defies categorisation. Quasarmoto from The Bud Collins Trio is such an offering. Sounding throughout as though the vocals have been mixed to the wrong track, this shouldn't work. Yet

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Beth Ford – I’m Always Chasing Rainbows

Born at the turn of the millennium, into a family whose singing roots blend English church choirs with harmonies from the Welsh Valleys, Beth really is the child who could sing before she could talk, happily cooing along to her favourite CD. Not the Tellytubbies for...

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Somasu – From The Water

London-based singer/songwriter and rapper Somasu breaks through stereotypical electro, offering undercurrents of soul that provide depth and maturity. Although his work could hit the dancefloor hard, its also infinitely listenable, proving that - in the right hands -...

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Danielle Lewis – Anywhere Is Home

As we head into summer, we'll all be looking for a happy holiday sound that we'll play over and over on the car stereo as we head for the beach, the mountains, music festivals or wherever we'll be hanging out with our besties and making memories. 'Anywhere is Home'...

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