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Sharon Lazibyrd – Half Shame and Half Glory

We fell a little bit in love with Sharon Lazibyrd when she shared her EP Opium of the Masses with Angry Baby readers just over a year ago. We know then that the three tracks were a just a taste of more to come and, sure enough, we now have an album to enjoy. Half...

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Robb Murphy – ‘Sleep Tonight’

When Robb Murphy releases something new, we know that we're going to be treated to the best that Belfast's contemporary folk scene has to offer. He's known for the meaning behind the music. Whether its April Fool's Day fun or the nostalgia of prom-days, Murphy has a...

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Rookes – The Game & The River

Describing herself as a Birmingham-native but based out of London, Rookes is the indie-pop project of Jenny Bulcraig. In development since October 2016, the debut EP The Game & The River provides a worthy showcase for her talent. Right now, Rookes is touring with...

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DIDI – Fast and Furious

DIDI has had quite a year. Since stepping out from behind the mixing desk, where she built a solid reputation as an award-winning producer, she's created a rapidly-growing portfolio of self-penned, self-performed music. DIDI is a favourite with Angry Baby readers,...

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Thirteen Mile – ‘Don’t Stop Never Stop’

It looks like 2018 might be the year when producers come out from behind the mixing desk and into the spotlight. The trend started last year, with Angry Baby favourites Jeanes and DIDI, and it's gathering pace with the emergence of Thirteen Mile, the music brand of...

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Beaux Cheveux – ‘Ro Sham Bo’

When two artists who've got form and history rooted in AC/DC and Led Zeppelin come together, you'd expect lots of things. Rock...extended guitar solos...screaming vocals... Ro Sham Bo, the debut album from Beaux Cheveux is none of those things. Instead, the combined...

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Ian Late – ‘Choices’

Berlin-based singer songwriter Ian Late describes his music as 'timeless pop'. There's a nostalgic feel to his music, although the nine tracks that make up his forthcoming album Choices are also contemporary, relevant and relatable, with a musicality to the...

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Lorna Dea – Comfort Zone

We've had Lorna Dea picked out as one to watch for some time now. Her Motown-influenced pure pop style delivered bubbly up-beat girlpower in her debut EP Little Spark, and her collaboration with Jack in a Box "Got To Have You" showed an unexpected, quirky side to her...

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Roxanne De Bastion – Rerun // Unwind

There was a moment in the middle of last year when a piece of music made time stand still and we fell just a little bit in love with the singer-songwriter behind it. That was when we heard Roxanne De Bastion for the first time. We knew that she was going places. Less...

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