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Minnie Birch – Emeralds / John Barleycorn

It's totally natural to feel totally lost. These are sensations that seep into view upon the first listen of "Emeralds", part of a double A side release from Hertfordshire folk artist Minnie Birch, that has been lifted off of her acclaimed second album Tethered,...

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Rachael Sage: Spark

One of my favourite musicians to write about and listen to in the last couple of years has been the New York based singer, songwriter and visual artist Rachael Sage. I love songs that tell a story as well as being beautiful to listen to and Rachael’s songs deliver...

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Willow Springs – ‘Urban Ghosts’

If you listen to "A Room for Two" by Willow Springs with your eyes closed, you're taken to a deserted and dusty town, somewhere that's a pitstop to somewhere else, a geographical afterthought where nothing really happens and seasons come and go. Somewhere country...

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Giulia Millanta – Conversation With A Ghost

Twenty seconds. That's how long it takes for John Mills' saxophone to wrap its tentacles around album opener "Blinded By The Sun". This is a common theme throughout the record. Giulia Millanta's sixth solo recording Conversation With a Ghost is peppered with little...

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Mayday Parade – “Stay The Same”

You've got to hand it to Mayday Parade, they are nothing if not resilient. With a core sound and lyrical themes that come straight from emo's mid 00s zenith, Mayday Parade have consistently risen above the usual One Tree Hill also rans, by consistently maintaining a...

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Optivion – Light Spindle

Fusing east and west in alternative electro quirkiness, Optivion first came to our ears' attention back in 2015 with Free Unicorn. Drawing influences from, well, all over the place, Alex (lead vocalist, percussion, harmonica, guitar) and Rie (backing vocalist) have...

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Sharon Lazibyrd – Half Shame and Half Glory

We fell a little bit in love with Sharon Lazibyrd when she shared her EP Opium of the Masses with Angry Baby readers just over a year ago. We know then that the three tracks were a just a taste of more to come and, sure enough, we now have an album to enjoy. Half...

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Robb Murphy – ‘Sleep Tonight’

When Robb Murphy releases something new, we know that we're going to be treated to the best that Belfast's contemporary folk scene has to offer. He's known for the meaning behind the music. Whether its April Fool's Day fun or the nostalgia of prom-days, Murphy has a...

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Rookes – The Game & The River

Describing herself as a Birmingham-native but based out of London, Rookes is the indie-pop project of Jenny Bulcraig. In development since October 2016, the debut EP The Game & The River provides a worthy showcase for her talent. Right now, Rookes is touring with...

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