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Ian Late – ‘Choices’

Berlin-based singer songwriter Ian Late describes his music as 'timeless pop'. There's a nostalgic feel to his music, although the nine tracks that make up his forthcoming album Choices are also contemporary, relevant and relatable, with a musicality to the...

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Lorna Dea – Comfort Zone

We've had Lorna Dea picked out as one to watch for some time now. Her Motown-influenced pure pop style delivered bubbly up-beat girlpower in her debut EP Little Spark, and her collaboration with Jack in a Box "Got To Have You" showed an unexpected, quirky side to her...

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Roxanne De Bastion – Rerun // Unwind

There was a moment in the middle of last year when a piece of music made time stand still and we fell just a little bit in love with the singer-songwriter behind it. That was when we heard Roxanne De Bastion for the first time. We knew that she was going places. Less...

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The Black Leaders – Fix Of Love

The Black Leaders went down a storm with Angry Baby readers when we featured their sophomore album Take It Easy back in 2016. Their follow-up Fix of Love is scheduled for release on 8 March and promises the same provocative rock edge. Before you read on, The Black...

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Ola Szmidt – ‘EP1’

Polish-born and York-based Ola Szmidt offers uniquely soulful dream-music. Threading vocal improvisations through exquisitely constructed musical loops, she deliver a delicious melange of sound. Sit back, relax and be transported to somewhere blissfully strange...

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New Desert Blues – ‘To Be My Own’

There is a certain excitement in discovering a new band just as they hit their stride. With the release of the profoundly-titled To Be My Own, New Desert Blues presents an assured and consistent debut album. This is a band that knows their style and inhabits it...

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Steve Benjamins – Manhood

Music can be about much more than pleasing tunes and engaging lyrics. Canadian singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Steve Benjamins brings a touch of introspection to his single "Manhood", exploring what it takes to be masculine at a time when male behaviour is...

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Raphael Doyle – Never Closer

The build-up for Never Closer was intense, in part because of UK songwriter and broadcaster Tom Robinson's introduction and updates on the album's Pledge Music site, but also through the impact of Raphael's intensely confessional poem "I Come From Ireland", released...

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