My Land’s Shore and Kate Dimbleby

There’s a new musical making it’s mark in London. Not quite the West End, Ye Olde Rose and Crowne Theatre in Walthamstow is hosting the world premiere of “My Lands Shore”, hailed as “The Welsh Les Mis” and telling the story of the 1831 Merthyr Rising.

Although the run comes to an end on 26 February, the combination of strong story and Welsh musicality provoking rave reviews from the critics must prime this show for a transfer in the not too distant future. Christopher J Orton and Robert Gould can be proud of their show’s debut. Here’s a taster to whet your appetite for more:

Think of a capella music and you may well bring to mind Pitch Perfect, The Flying Pickets or The Roches. What you won’t expect is the complex variation provided by singer-songwriter Kate Dimbleby in Songbirds. Whilst this is her sixth studio album, it’s the first that she considers to be truly herself – “Everything laid bare”.

Songbirds is the product of a life explored. From London to Vancouver Island, from riverside benches to forests and hilltops and from break-up to intimacy to self-revelation, Kate’s journeys spill out into lyrics that entice and surprise. Backed by her own voice, looped and layered into technical masterpieces, Kate’s work pretends to be simple, but isn’t. Accessing Americana, blues, jazz, spiritual and folk, Kate redefines her influences through courage sprinkled with genius. Kate explains how the album came about in the video below, and you can read the Angry Baby review (and get a free track) here.

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