Mary-Jess and Johnno Casson aka Snippet

There are two contrasting pieces of music on offer this week.

First of all, and interview with Mary-Jess Leaverland, as she embarks on a national tour with pop-opera sensations G4. As well as talking about the famous people who have helped her on her way, and the realities of pre-performance nerves, Mary-Jess is giving away a copy of live recording – “Spring Ballet” – in Chinese.

If you’re not familiar with Mary-Jess’s story, and her connection with China, click here to read the interview and get your copy of the song. You can see her performing to 70 million viewers on Chinese TV in this video too. Her vocals are exquisite!

Acquiring the title of “National Treasure” can be a double edged sword. A bit like a Lifetime Achievement Award, it implies that the best is in the past. But when it is offered with the respect and affection of BBC veteran music presenter Tom Robinson, it’s an accolade any musician would be proud to accept.

Johnno Casson may be that National Treasure, but he’s not one to rest on his laurels. On 7 April, he releases his biggest, boldest and most thought provoking album to date, Future Melancholy Pop Music. Click here to read a review of the album and get a free download of one of Johnno’s tracks too. And click the video below to hear the signature single from the album “Bad Man”.

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  • Richard Stone says:

    I came to read your review of Johnno’s album and didn’t want to leave without saying what a good review it is but also what a lovely, straightforward and positive site you have. I’m really looking forward to listening to the mp3s :-))) Thank-you

    • floadmin says:

      Thanks, Richard. Glad you enjoyed it. I hope you enjoy the music too! Feel free to share or tweet the blog – sharing is caring and it’s all good for the artists who get their music heard.

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