Lazarus and The Bud Collins Trio

Once in a while, you see a show that is so intense and compelling that you just have to go back and see it again. Lazarus was that show. I went along to the Kings Cross Theatre just before Christmas and was blown away, especially by Michael C Hall as Thomas Newton and Sophia Anne Caruso as The Girl. The relationship they built on stage was gentle yet challenging. Together with Amy Lennox as Ella and Michael Esper as the beautifully drawn character of Valentine, the show brought David Bowie’s music into a whole new perspective.

The show closed on Sunday, and I was lucky enough to get a ticket to the final performance. The cast maintained a freshness to their renditions to the last, which must have been quite a challenge as this isn’t an easy one to perform. If you didn’t manage to see it, here’s a video of my favourite performance from the show, Sophia Anne Caruso’s interpretation of Life On Mars with Michael C Hall.

Sometimes music arrives on the scene that defies categorisation. Quasarmoto from The Bud Collins Trio is such an offering. Sounding throughout as though the vocals have been mixed to the wrong track, this shouldn’t work. Yet strangely…deliciously…weirdly…it does. Together since 1987, with a break of five years to deal with grown-up stuff, they’ve come back together “like the resurrection of the Phoenix bird, if the Phoenix bird were a strange meta-pop band from Connecticut” and are working on new material which talks about “the human condition, the mysteries of consciousness, the loneliness and joy of being aware of ourselves in the vast universe…finding meaning in the soup of reality.”

Their recently released EP Quasarmoto is described as “4 tracks of beautiful pop strangeness that showcase their versatility of sound and omnivorous sense of lyric and concept”. It’s actually five tracks, but there you go. Click here for a review of the music, and a free download of their hot-off-the-press recording “Bad Kids Wander Away”. And here’s a video of a slightly older track “The Last Thing Ever”

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