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Hear why Gerry Kelly from BBC Radio Ulster described Robb’s music as “something very special”

Robb Murphy

This 15-track special collection brings a together Robb Murphy’s acclaimed debut album ‘Take A Stand’, three rare, early recordings and ‘Bright Red’ – a track recorded exclusively for Angry Baby which is only available with this collection.

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Hailed as a 21st Century Jeff Buckley, Robb Murphy may be the best-kept secret in today’s folk-influenced music scene, although with appearances on radio, TV, and live performances, there’s every chance that the secret won’t last much longer!

The exclusive, special collection is brought together especially for Angry Baby. It’s available now, and for a short time, for just £19.95, and may never be offered in this format again.

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Belfast’s own Robb Murphy is an Irish singer-songwriter and master storyteller. His musical journey began at a young age – he was 9 when he got a keyboard for Christmas and taught himself to play it. Before moving on to the guitar, multi-instrumentalist Robb played trumpet, cornet, trombone and other brass instruments too numerous to mention.

After a brief flirtation with studying engineering in Edinburgh, Robb decided to pursue his passion for music and enrolled in music technology at Queens University in Belfast. Believe it or not, his first serious steps in music were made with an indie-rock-grunge band – ‘The Minority’.

Robb’s internationally acclaimed debut album ‘Take A Stand’, which forms part of this collection, was released in April 2012. Robb didn’t plan on releasing this album; it was an experiment for himself to get familiar with studio techniques. He sent a rough copy to BBC, not expecting to hear back from them, went on holiday and – while he was away – his songs were played on the radio to rave reviews from DJs and presenters. Robb made the decision to officially release the album and the rest, as they say, is history.

The rhythmic undercurrent of Robb Murphy’s music entices his audience to join him on a journey of traditional Irish storytelling, punctuated throughout with elements of pop, country, classical and folk. His music illustrates personal memories along with the varied stories of his native Northern Ireland, making the album a tapestry of music woven to delight the listener.

Robb is one of those singer-songwriters whose music touches your soul. Enchanting and beguiling, make sure this music is part of your collection.
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You will receive a digital copy of this exclusive, special collection from Robb Murphy,
via email, immediately after placing your order.