Dear Evan Hansen and Raphael Doyle

Benj Pasek and Justin Paul have been one of my favourite writing teams, since they created Dogfight. Their writing is exciting and new, so when I heard they had a show that was on the road to Broadway, I started watching it like a hawk. The show is Dear Evan Hansen. Starring Pitch Perfect’s Ben Platt, it opened on Broadway late last year. The cast album was released in the UK on Friday 3 February and I’ve had it on repeat since then. Here’s the show’s anthem “Waving Through A Window”, performed by Ben Platt.

The build-up for Raphael Doyle’s album Never Closer has been intense, in part because of Tom Robinson’s introduction and updates on the album’s Pledge Music site, but also through the impact of Raphael’s intensely confessional poem “I Come From Ireland”, released as an early single and reviewed here. Would the album live up to expectations? Could a collection of 12 tracks stand comparison with the first?

Providing an intimate, autobiographical portrait, Never Closer is a collection of contrasts. Testaments to love sit alongside stories of Raphael’s self-confessed “messy life”. Learn a lesson or two, if you will, or just acknowledge the ups and downs, the pain and the glory, and the life-affirming courage that it takes to put it all out there. Read more about it here, and take a listen to Raphael’s “The Touch Of Our Hands” below:

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